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Welcome to the Kastle

Kastle Blak Fitness is owned and operated by Kayla Redmond, a seasoned athlete, powerlifting champ and the head trainer in the building. She takes a hands on approach and prides herself on creating a fun and inviting environment for all that experience the facility. In a world full of to-do lists, cell phones and schedules, Kayla deals personally with every single person that comes in to the facility and establishes a relationship with them. Connection is extremely important to us. 

Among the owner, there are 6 other trainers whom have been vetted and hired by Kayla herself and she is very picky. No matter what your scheduling and/or physical needs are, we've got you covered.


People need time and attention and they need guidance and structure. Here at Kastle Blak Fitness, we are not cookie cutter, we do not take shortcuts and we engrain our ways into your life, into your mind and into your daily habits. Adherence is key to sustainability. We ensure that you understand the processes of nutrition and fitness to help transform you.

To get started, book a free consultation!

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